Liquid and Powder Toilet Chemicals and Deodorants

For Toilets on the Go!

Let’s face it – recirculating and retention toilets, whether on a commercial bus or personal RV, can be long on convenience but short on odor control. Inca Gold’s line of portable toilet chemicals and deodorants give you premium odor control at affordable prices.

Inca Gold toilet deodorants are ideal for:
Inca Gold biodegradable toilet chemicals and deodorants are completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities.Trusted by the transportation industry since 1971, Inca Gold toilet chemicals and deodorants were among the first to be developed and tested for regular commercial service on buses, aircraft, boats and railroads.

Available for commercial and private use!

Inca Gold comes backed with 35 years of experience and continual product refinements – ensuring our toilet chemicals and deodorants continue to deliver unsurpassed convenience and odor control to hundreds of bus companies, railroads, commercial airlines, boat charter companies, and RV parks across the United States and Internationally.

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