Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the F100 & the F104- which works best?
The F100 formulation has a small amount of formaldehyde as the F104 is formulated without formaldehyde.  We offer options to our customers for every industry and preference. Some prefer formaldehyde as it’s cheaper to produce and thus cheaper for our customers while others prefer a formula without formaldehyde. Really it’s all about personal preference, all our products provide superior odor control.
How much product is needed?
There are several things we factor into how much product is needed.
  • Size of your clean water holding tank.
  • Outside Temperatures
  • Amount of time between servicing your waste tank 
Do you have the product in a drop in tablet form?
Inca Gold sells our products in two forms, powder and liquid.  Both work instantly without waiting for any breakdown of tablets and granular and product is not wasted at the bottom of the tank by not dissolving.   Also with our product being in these two forms it can be reapplied at times you cannot service your tanks right away to continue breakdown of odor and waste.
Is formaldehyde safe?
Yes- formaldehyde often gets a bad rap as it conjures up images that nobody wants to think about, however at Inca Gold we believe that our clients deserve the best science and the best products regardless of any one persons gut reaction to a product. Formaldehyde is safe and effective.
Do you have the products in stock and delivery time?
Inca carries stock in most all products but with large quantity orders it could take a few days to ship.   We use UPS for all product weighing under 150# and LTL (Less than Truckload) for any order weighting more that 150#. Those customers requiring the less than truckload option are not eligible for online ordering and we encourage them to call or use the online chat system to place their order.
Is liquid or powder more effective?
They are equally effective, however the powder is concentrated so it’s cheaper to ship.