Attention RV Campground Owners, Marina Owners, and RV Dealers!

Dry powder, non-formaldehyde deoderant in pre-measured 2 oz. hermetically-sealed packets in economical 8-packs.

Trust Inca Gold toilet chemicals to keep your guests and customers happy.MarinaImage

Buy direct and save.

Inca Gold foil packets make an excellent resale product – simply place by registers, on counters, at endcaps or store shelves and watch them fly out of the store! Because you’re buying direct from us, the manufacturer, you get the lowest possible cost – with no distributor mark-up.

Flexible display box enables packets to be sold individually or in 8-packs.

Used by commercial campgrounds, national and state parks, and portable toilet companies across the U.S., Inca Gold toilet chemicals deliver dependable, long-lasting odor control. Biodegradable and perfectly safe for all dump stations.

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Super Convenience!packages

  • Pre-measured 1 oz. Hermetically Sealed Tri-laminate Foil Packets.
  • Cost control – Premeasured packets control the amount of product applied
  • Economical – Lightweight powder reduces in-bound freight charges
  • No liquid spills or stains
  • Refresh toilets in remote locations on the road
  • Fresh pine scent
  • Available in original paraformaldehyde or non-paraform formulas
  • Shipped in boxes of 500 or 100 packets
  • Bulk powder also available in 30 lb. pails or 180 lb. kegs

Convenient 1-gallon bottleGallon

  • Non-formaldehyde, ready-to-use, concentrated formula
  • Biodegradable – Completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities
  • Pleasant “airy” scent
  • Pump dispenser for ease-of-use
  • Shipped four per case
  • Also available in 55-gallon drum

Great Value! Why pay to ship water?ConcentrateGallon

  • Five gallons makes 55 gallons of ready-to-use concentrated deodorant
  • Non-formaldehyde formula
  • Biodegradable – Completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities
  • Regulatory compliant



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